Game Overture

Hunting through a level of the upcoming installment of his chart-topping video game brand, the hero of the game, Nick Vincible, opens a door – and finds himself in the marketing department of his publisher, Nameless Games. There he meets marketing assistant Lana Jung – and both fall in love with each other.

The Rock Opera “The Virtual Mirror” initially tells a classic “Boy meets Girl from distant World” story (Romeo & Juliet, West Side Story). But games have their own laws. And in the end, virtual and real worlds would have a lot to talk about if one were willing to learn – but of course that goes largely wrong on both sides.

Well, not quite:

A few of the not so usual suspects come out of the matter quite decently.

“Look what I’ve created
A gate between the real and virtual worlds
The mother of all source codes
A most absurd connection
The here and there are merging
Into an insane world’s reflection”

 (Heph A.I. Stoss, Divine Codesmith)